1. Let This Be

From the recording Wherever We Roam

Music and lyrics by David Beldock and Peggy Watson

David Beldock was playing his electric piano one day and came up with this song idea. He laid his iphone next to the keyboard and recorded (with voice memos) the bass notes and the lead part. He sent it to Peggy and she wrote some lyrics that same night. In her home studio, she recorded the lyrics with a melody she was making up as she went. David and Peggy sent the home recordings to Dave Blackburn and said they wanted to use it all. Poor Dave. Well, he added snaps and a percussion part in the studio and managed to make a really good mix using the iphone recording and Peggy's home recording. It was a challenge but he made it all work!


I see the wheel spinning round
I try and try to slow it down
All the leaves are falling
The crows are calling me
Wake up, can’t you see that you’re free
If only I could let this be

The sun is wide and lazy
Sliding into the sea it will always amaze me
How the palm trees sway
Their fronds on fire
Catching the low light, just right
And I look higher
Where the crow cries, you’re free
If only I could let this be

The wheel keeps spinning round
I just cannot seem to slow it down
Another moon is rising
Lighting up the lonely sky
All the crows have disappeared
But I still hear their cry, you’re free
If only I could let this be