From the recording A Good Life

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Music and lyrics by Peggy Watson and Dave Blackburn


Wake up little mama
Baby’s crying in the crib
All the stars are shining
And this ain’t no way to live

Curse the boy who hurt you
And just won’t let you go
Sing your little babe a lullaby
And pray she’ll never know

How you felt tonight
When the front door slammed
But you know what’s right
You do the best you can

Wake up little mama
Gotta get to school on time
You want to make something of yourself
Just living feels like a crime

So you close your eyes
And try to understand
This crazy ride
While you do the best you can

Their voices fill your world
Such a young a foolish girl
She’s only got herself to blame
But they don’t even know your name

Just a little forgiveness
Could help you through the day
Is there anyone listening
To anything you say