1. Dreaming

From the recording Dreaming

Music by David Beldock and Peggy Watson


The boy can't sleep, the boy can't sleep
Starts to worry, gets in trouble deep
Walks to the church, climbs the steeple
Look out on all of the sleepy people
Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming

The girl can't sleep, the girl can't sleep
So many secrets she's got to keep
Walks to the woods, climbs the hill
Looking out on the town so still
Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming

I don't know if it'll be alright, if things are as bad as they seem
I'm feeling scared for the world tonight and I can't find the way to my dreams

When you were young you could fly away, up where the colors are streaming
Close your eyes, take my hand, I want to go, don't you want to be there
Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming