From the recording A Thousand Wishes

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I saw a sign for Sand Dollar Beach
Must be a thousand sand dollars here
I walked down the path to the glittering sand
All I wanted was a little souvenir

Sky was blue, the tide was low
I searched all over the glassy shore
Splashed around, dug in my toes
Couldn’t find what I was looking for

There’re no sand dollars on Sand Dollar Beach

Pelicans gliding overhead
Smooth jade pebbles washed in on the swells
I had to watch my step
Lots of little hermit crabs in oversized shells

No sand dollars on Sand Dollar Beach

I gazed at the cliffs and the big brown boulders
Looked in every nook and cranny while I walked
Out in the maze of the slippery tide pools
24 star fish were clinging to a rock

Reds and orange and lavender hues
Colors danced all over my eyes
Many anemomes kissed my fingers
Spiny little urchins waved goodbye

No sand dollars at Sand Dollar Beach
Lots of pretty things within my reach