From the recording A Thousand Wishes

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Her back is arched against the sky
Her arms reach up like a swan about to fly

She leans in low and leaps up like a flame
Comes down gentle like the early autumn rain
All I can do is stare
Cause my own shoes won’t take me anywhere

And the band’s playing in her soul
Is it Mozart or jelly roll
She twirls around and tips her hat
Hey, I just wanna dance like that

Her body willows, swaying in the breeze
She wraps her colors around the children and the trees
Her eyes send invitations
She flirts with our imaginations

Silk and dandelions flying everywhere
A thousand wishes float like magic in the air
Everybody’s smiling and I’m dying

Cause my heart’s spinning round and round
But my feet just won’t leave the ground
My grown-up self begins to blur
Cause I just wanna dance like her

Flowers bend, she’s whirling by
Startling bees and dragon flies
Gliding through the fountain mist
Rainbows stretch across her bliss

Now she bows to the old oak tree
But I still hear the melody
The wind is pushing at my back
I just wanna dance like that