1. This is Love

From the recording In the Company of Birds

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Out here on my own
Staring at the stars
Wondering where you are tonight
Every breath I take
Brings you back to me
I wish I'd never said goodbye
The music of your voice
Gathers in the wind
Plays across my memories
I surrender to the sound
Lay my shield down
And remember what you gave to me
I know the joy of feeling strong
The beauty that lives on
When the flames have turned to embers
And how you moved me with your dance
On the edge of hope and chance
It's you that I still dream of
This is love
If I could just erase
The foolish things I said
And find a way to mend your heart
I'd steal back the time
Sow the fallow fields
Of tenderness that blossomed in the dark
Now, the memory of your eyes
Is all that lights the sky
When there's no one I can turn to
I long to feel your knowing hands
And pray you'll understand
It's you I'll always dream of
This is love