1. A Good Life

From the recording A Good Life

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Music and lyrics by Peggy Watson


I grew up listening to the trains going by
From the tracks to the table was the blink of an eye
Mama did her best to keep the place cleaned up
Daddy drank whiskey from a paper cup
We sold junk at the swap meet every Saturday morn
I learned to count change when I was barely born
I slept on the floor of our living room
With three of my cousins and my Grandma June
But I had a good life – yes I did
I was rough and tumble – a happy kid
I fell through the cracks of misery
Landed square on the shoulders of a good story
Me and my friends used to watch the stars
Lying down in the parking lot of Lou’s Used Cars
Talking and promising we’d always stay
In that little bitty city neath the Milky Way
But when the shops closed up and my dad shut down
We took the next train right out of that town
Mama found Jesus, I found a guitar
And a reason for believing in my lucky star

It’s small time, but I don’t mind, living on the highway
Playing for fool’s gold, I’ve been told
I don’t care cause I’m living it my way
        I’ve had a good life going place to place
        Putting a smile on every nickel-dime-tipper’s face
        Laughing and crying while they’re singing along
        Everybody’s got a story, every story’s got a song